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Mama Wellness Day

Mama Wellness Day

Since becoming a mother in July, I realized it is virtually impossible to find time for a massage, or self care in general, and it's in the first months as a Mamma that we need it the most!
I understand that it's not comfortable to leave your baby with another person, and for most women, it's not possible to co-ordinate it with your partner during the weekdays, unless they are on barsel too.
That's why we decided to hold our first dedicated Mamma's day at Copenhagen Float on the 16th February from 08:30-15:30, where mothers can get a float or a massage, and feel completely at ease that their baby is safe and being cared for in the room next door. Why not bring a Mama friend and you can get a massage or have a float at the same time? 
We have a professional child minder Mathilde, who has years of experience with babies and toddlers of all ages. There will be several other adults (including Mothers) there to lend a hand as well.

How does it work in practice?

1. Purchase your ticket and let us know your preferred time window (perhaps during nap time?) and the age of your baby.
2. We will schedule the appointments to suit everybody's needs, and send you a confirmation email with your appointment time.
3. Show up on the day 15-30 minutes before your appointment. Your baby is welcome to sleep in our back yard and we'll keep the baby alarm with us. Alternatively you can bring the baby inside in a nest of the top part of the pram. We have several quiet rooms where the baby can sleep. Bring a couple of their favourite toys or books.
4. We will have a large play mat, some toys, a bouncer and a changing area at your disposal. We'll entertain the babies until your treatment is finished.
5. If your baby needs Mama, we can come and get you at any time. We'll just be next door.

Please write in the comment field

  • how old your baby is
  • approximately which time would suit you and baby best
  • anything else we should know in advance

We will do our best to make a nice schedule that suits all the nap times! 

Once you purchase a ticket, it can be used at a future event. If you need to cancel your appointment, it should be at least 24 hours in advance. 

We are so much looking forward to welcoming you to our Mamma wellness day!

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