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Glowing Bride

Glowing Bride

✨ Make the Bride-to-be shine with this skincare gift ✨

This gift package includes our popular Sauna and Floating Kombi - a detoxifying 45-minute infrared sauna session, followed by a revitalizing 60-minute float in our Spirit or i-sopod float tanks.

Not only are these treatments extremely relaxing, there are a multitude of proven benefits that will leave this bride feeling truly radiant 🌟

  • Infrared heat warms the body from the inside, and our full-spectrum sauna penetrates deeply into the body and then draws out the built-up toxins. 
  • As the air temperature is lower than a traditional sauna, it is possible to enjoy the heat for a longer time. It improves circulation, reduces inflammation and your skin will feel amazing after just 1 session
  • Our guest is then guided into one of our beautiful float rooms, where the relaxation continues. In this completely weightless state, the body decompresses and deep tension is released
  • The water is saturated with magnesium, which helps with over 350 functions in the body, helping the brain, nervous system and muscles to function, and it's great for skin and hair! Magnesium facilitates detoxification, (bringing waste products out of the body more quickly), and it reduces inflammation in muscles and joints. That's why professional athletes use floatation as a way to speed up recovery time

Alongside the treatment, the package includes a Meraki Conjac Sponge and an Amphora Aromatics scrub to gently exfoliate, and a pomegranate & sea buckthorn facial serum to soothe and moisturize 💆🏾‍♀️

What happens on a visit to Copenhagen Float? 

For a float session, the total appointment time is 1.5-2 hours, with ample time provided to shower before and after the float. Our groom room is available for you to dry your hair and freshen up, and we offer a range of products for your convenience.

The sauna session is 45 minutes. We will show you into the cosy private sauna room and offer you the option of music or guided meditations. Read more about infrared sauna here

Our guests are welcome to relax after their session with a cup of tea and light snacks in our lounge before returning to the real world.

Our gift package includes a beautifully presented gift certificate in sustainable and recyclable packaging, and gift certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

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