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Sauna & Guided Meditation

Sauna & Guided Meditation

The darker months offer a wonderful opportunity to turn inwards, reflect on your journey, and chart a path toward your desired destination¬†ūüĎ£

This gift package is designed for those who appreciate meditation , or for anyone seeking a moment of respite and self-care during challenging times. Our sauna provides the ideal setting for this introspection. Simultaneously, it eases muscle tension, enhances circulation, and strengthens your immune response. 

What is included in this gift? 

  • 45 minutes in our infrared sauna. ¬†
  • Guided meditation by Jesper Westmark or Lilu Barrett¬†

How is an infrared sauna session at Copenhagen Float?

The sauna session is 45 minutes but you will spend around 1 hour with us. We will show you into the cosy private sauna room and offer you the option of music or guided meditations for your time in the sauna. You can also connect your own phone, or indeed enjoy the silence. We will then leave the room and you will remove your clothes and enter the sauna. 

Unlike a normal sauna, the air in an infrared sauna is not as hot, which means you can stay in for a longer time. After some minutes you will start to feel the effect and your body will sweat, releasing impurities.¬†After your session you will feel pleasantly calm - as cortisol levels drop and endorphins are released. Your skin will be glowing too! You don't need to bring anything, we provide towels to sit on and lots and lots of water¬†ūüí¶ Read more about infrared sauna here.¬†

Our gift package includes a beautifully presented gift certificate in sustainable and recyclable packaging, and gift certificates are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

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